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by Cymbelina Augustus

Copyright © 1998 Cymbelina Augustus. All rights reserved.


There are many ways to obtain energy and plenty of sources. You will probably find over time that your "nutritional" need vary from day to day, and the sources and methods you use will be cylical. I believe that a well-balanced diet is best: taking a little bit from a variety of people (if indeed you choose to take from people), animals and other biorgansims, the elements and even spiritiual sources. Taking from only one source can lead to "malnutrition"; you aren't starved but you may find that low energy, depressed mood and reduction of abilities, even the dreaded bloodlust sets in. Also, starving yourself then gorging is not wise either, analagous to yo yo dieting. You might find yourself actually draining friends and the people you live and work with when starved. You will not learn good control this way. Starving and gorging can create a cycle of self loathing and depression and just is not good for you or anyone else.


People - There is much debate over whether feeding off people is immoral. You will have to decide for yourself, but in my practice and opinion, it is not difficult to feed from people without harming them or making them uncomfortable.

People with psy abilites will, at some level, notice if you feed from them. One sign that you have encountered a fellow psy of some kind is a sheild; when you reach out and contact their aura, you encounter resistance, slide right off or even not feel them at all, like there is no one there. If there isn't a sheild, the other big tipoff that you have encountered a psy is the "taste". Analogy: a normal human tastes like tapwater; a psy (especialy psyvamp) is like a thick chocolate milkshake. If you try to defeat the shield, or feed off a psy who isn't sheilded, there are both ethical and practical considerations. I choose to back off right away for several reasons:

1 - You could find yourself in a little psyscrap if the other person knows how to fight back. Most people consider being fed off without permission an attack. Piss someone off and you might get fed off yourself, attacked or bound (spell set on you to prevent you from feeding; a favorite of public service minded Wiccans* it seems lol).

2 - Even if the person is unaware of what is going on or how to attack, it'll make them uncomfortable or creeped out at least. Not nice manners :).

3 - We already have a terrible reputation amongst many other psys, Wiccans*, Pagans etc. Please don't reinforce the bigotry!

Elderly and ill people won't have much energy to take, and have little they can spare. Children (pre-adolecent and especially preschoolers) SEEM to have energy to spare. However, they drain REALLY fast and it makes them very very grumpy and could even trigger illness.

Feeding off groups is a good idea. There is a lot of energy generated when the group is focused on the same thing or on each other. So group energy on a bus or at a gym will not be as strong as most of the people are concentrateing on themselves and in fact are probably trying to block out others. Busy resturants, especially with cheerful music, are much better. Concerts, movies theatres (action or comedy) and, according to a devotee, rollar rinks are great.

Then there is the willing donar. If you can find someone that you can trust enough to tell what you are, and they trust you enough to let you take from them, you are fortunate. Freely given, the act of feeding is usually a very pleasurable activity for both parties. Feeding from a fellow psyvamp with permission is fantastic :). In fact, if you find yourself so depleted that you can't get up the strength to feed from humans, being fed by a psyvamp can sort of "prime the pump", but get right outside and help yourself to the passersby because this effect is temporary.

Animals - especially mammals, can be used as a source. But keep in mind the warning above regarding feeding from children. A small body mass may cause you to drain, tire or even sicken your source very quickly.

Plants - are nice, particularly mature flowering trees. Don't weed; FEED! Identify the energy signature of unwanted species of plants in your garden and feed off all of them at once, several times a day.

Natural Phenomena - such as thunder, lightening, moonlight, the earth and bodies of water can be fed from. Wind is a particular favorite of mine; stand facing the wind, open your arms and feel it's power, flowing around, then through you. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Ahhhhhhh..............

Spiritual Sources - Some people say they are fed by God(s). Good for them. Ask 'em about it. I dunno nothing.

Bright White Light (BWL) - This could be considered a type of spiritual feeding. If you are familiar and comfortable with this energy source, see a column of dence extremely bright very white light, coming down from it's source onto the top of your head. Then pull it slowly, filling you head to toe. Allow it to pass through the bottoms of your feet, drawing all negitive energy into the ground. When you feel purified close off the bottoms of your feet and let it fill you like a glass of water is filled. Once it reaches the top of your head again and you are fully satisifed, see the column rising back up to the Source.

How to

This is kind of hard to explain. Psy work is a combination of will, visualisation, and focus. Things that take normal humans years of training to do will come quite naturally to the psyvamp. The easiest way I know of to learn to feed is to get online with a willing and experinced psyvamp, link with them, and have them teach you how and what it feels like directly.

Instead of or in addition to this, become aware of and learn to manipulate your own arua. Get into a relaxed and meditative state. What is required is focus, not concentration (there IS a difference lol). When one focuses rather than concentrates, one clears the mind then pays attention, but does not attach. Note the sensations and move on and let them go. If you have a hard time with this, imagine your impression and distracting thoughts are enclosed in balloons and float away. Use your hands to feel your own lifeforce surrounding you. You will probably find it about 3 to 6 inches away from your body. If you are psyvamp it will not (hopefuly) be difficult to push it in and out and make it dencer or thinner.

Once you get a handle of what your own aura feels like, try feeling other peoples aura. Just reach out with your mind, again with focus and not concentration. Putting yourself in a light meditive state will help. Note the aura's denisity, texture, shape and size. In a healthy energetic person you will notice a certain excess of energy. This is the stuff to take that won't be missed. Just...pull. I use the chakra in my belly/solar plexus, although you can use and or all of your chakras. When i feed it feels like swollowing, but using my stomach muscles (if that makes sence lol). Sip sip sip. Pulling hard can drain the person. Until you learn control and have lots of practice, take it in little sips or pulses. Pay attention to the aura of the person you are taking from as you do this. After a time you will sence there is little of the excess left. Stop there.

Stopping can be difficult. That is a common problem when you are just starting or when you are depleted (or when you find a delicious psy, lol). There are a couple of things you can do in order to break the connection so you don't drain the person. Try an annoying jingle, humming it or thinking it. Tap out a fast rythmn on your leg. Simplest is to look up and to the right. Do anything that will break the trance and alter your brainwaves. When you are feeding from the alternative source listed, you will use a similar method; feel the lifeforce and pull it into you.


Mastering psyfeeding takes time and practice. If you are very depleted it is easy to give into dispair. In fact, dispair, depression, the belief you are insane, eventually suicidal thoughts and difficulty feeding at all or draining people close to you inadvertanly are all typical symptoms of depletion. Don't give into dispair. You CAN master this. Trust yourself.

Any questions or comments contact Cymbelina Augustus at, and please visit the Psyvamp Information Exchange message board.

*Not all Wiccans and Pagans have negative attitudes towards vamps. In fact some vamps ARE Wiccan and Pagan! However, based on personal experince and the experinces of other psyvamps who have reported problems on the message boards recently, i have to advise that you be very careful. Uh oh, hope the bigotry i have been victim to doesn't become bigotry within myself...Is prejudice an infectious disease?

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