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Blood fetishism

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Last updated 4/13/98.

By "blood fetishists," I mean people for whom blood-drinking and/or bloodletting are either an erotic turn-on or a preferred expression of intimacy/bonding (not necessarily erotic). I distinguish between blood fetishists and two other categories of blood-drinkers: (1) sanguinarians, who have an out-and-out bodily need to drink blood, and (2) blood-drinking psychic vampires, who crave blood as a source of "pranic energy." All these categories do overlap heavily. Those blood fetishists who are not also sanguinarians or psychic vampires are generally not considered "vampires" by the other major categories of self-described vampires, although blood fetishism does have a long history of being called "vampirism" in psychiatric literature, newspaper articles, and nonfiction vampire books. Some blood fetishists call themselves "vampires" while others do not. Here are some links pertaining to blood fetishism:

See also my separate listings of sites with articles on sanguinarians and psychic vampires and sites pertaining to the Vampyre lifestyle and club scene, on my Vampiric People's Resource Page.

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