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Vampire folklore resources

[Note: Links last checked/updated/archived on: 27 April, 2005. Sites with an (x) after them cannot be reached. -- Sanguinarius]

1. Bibliographies and book reviews

2. Online articles

Note: The following list includes a lot of redundant copycat sites. One of these days, I may try to figure out who copied from whom and whittle the list down a bit, but that's not my top priority right now. In the mean time, if you discover any more sites with ORIGINAL material, please let me know!

(Yes, the above list is rather disorganized. I'll organize it sometime later.)

[Sangi's note: Vampires of the World and International Vampire both are defunct and they aren't archived anywhere, but the info was later included in Shroudeater. -- Although this site is also now defunct, it's archive is available here.]

3. Message boards

To recommend other relevant links, or to report out-of-date links, please write to Amy Krieytaz, c/o Sanguinarius: Thank you.

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