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Sites with articles on real-life vampirism

[Note: Links last checked and updated on: 02 May, 2005. Sites with an (x) after them cannot be reached. -- Sanguinarius]

The following is not a comprehensive list of real-vampire websites, but includes only (1) the more informative sites and (2) the oldest sites, listed for historical value. Views expressed on the following sites are not necessarily endorsed by me. For definitions of the types of vampirism by which most of the sites are classified, see my "Tentative conclusions" article. (Note that the types are not mutually exclusive; they overlap heavily.)

1. General real vampirism pages, without a specific focus:

2. Sanguinarians and other blood-drinkers:

3. Psychic vampires and other energy hungerers:

4. Sites which advocate or assume the idea that blood vamps and psivamps are essentially the same:

5. History and personal accounts of the online vampiric community:

6. Sites or articles featuring hard-to-believe claims such as extreme longevity. (I have not included most of the many such sites, but only those that have had a significant impact on the online vampiric community or are otherwise especially interesting.)

See also my separate listings of practical information for vampiric people and sites dealing with the Vampyre lifestyle and club scene.

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