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Comment regarding Vulcan Firelord

by Amy Krieytaz

I recently received the following E-mail regarding Vulcan Firelord. Note that I do not know anything about the author of this message and cannot vouch for its accuracy. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has looked into this matter, especially from people with established reputations in the online vampiric community. (Note: my aim here is NOT to publish information about Vulcan Firelord's personal whereabouts or to compromise anyone's personal safety, including Vulcan's.)

From: "Raven Saboankh" <>
Subject: Misrepresentation of Vulcan Firelord
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 05:53:57 PDT

Dear Miss Krieytaz, 
  I recently encountered your webpage on blooddrinking and vampirism and 
was favorably impressed by most of it.  Your tips on avoiding disease 
and the political ramifications of sanginarianism were very thourough 
and relevant.  However, I noted that under your "Vampire Hunters" area, 
you referred to a dear and true friend of mine, Vulcan.  We have been 
corresponding online for some time now, and though, as is natural with 
Sanguinarians I am a suspicious person, his honesty and kindness have 
won me over.  You may not beleive he is over a hundred (as is 
understadable- I am not always sure I do) but he has been of great aid 
to me in my research into vampirism and has provided emotional and 
psychological support when I needed it most.  To clarify his words: The 
vampires he hunts are those on the fringe, serial killers and murderers 
who take human life, enslave through cults or do great physical and 
psychological harm to their victims.  Even then, he often does not kill, 
but leaves evidince of their wrongdoing and calls the law enforcement 
officials nearby.  Whether you beleive my words or not, beleive this: I 
trust Vulcan with my location, real name, phone number and indeed my 
life.  He has proven his trustworthiness on many occasions, some of 
which were deliberate tests by myself.  He is also, by the way, a devout 
and loyal christian, and takes the philosophy and message of this 
religion to heart.  I ask that if you do not wish to make this letter 
available on your website (which you are welcome to do), say somewhere 
that at least one Sanguinarian knows that he is no danger or threat to 
blood drinkers.  He does not hunt us.  .  .he hunts those that cause the 
media to give us a bad name.
>                                         Sincerely,
>                                          Saboankh
>                                    Raven-Walks-With-Ghosts
\I ask that you publish my name, if you publish this letter at all, as 
Saboankh or Raven-Walks-With-Ghosts, as those are the names other 
Sanguinarians know me by.

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