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Info on migraine headaches

Migraine headaches are apparently common among sanguinarians and psychic vampires, judging by a discussion on Sanguinarius's message board in January 1998. Nearly all the vampires who contributed to the discussion said that they do get migraines, and the one exception said she got other types of severe headaches. Some said that their migraines were triggered by sunlight. Admittedly, the posters on Sanguinarius's message board are a very small sample, so it's premature to generalize and say that all or most vampires have migraines. But, in the meantime, here is some info that may be helpful to people (vampires and others) who do get migraines.

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The following was posted by Sanguinarius on her message board on January 14, 1998:

Write to: HeadWay, P.O. Box 29169, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-9169 USA. Ask about subscribing to HeadWay, the Migraine Newsletter.

Sangi also posted the following links:

See also Migraines and Vampires (x) on AngelBitMe's Vampire Information and Education Website (x)

In alt.vampyres, in response to my posting about Sangi's signs, Darknysse ( posted the following on January 19, 1998. "Re: To Bill Thompson: Sangi's symptoms":

I just thought of something else. You said that she has migraines. So do I ... quite frequently ... at least 2 a month, sometimes lasting for days. One of the things I notice that "tells" me I'm going to have a migraine is extreme sensitivity to light of any kind. (I become light sensitive anywhere from 24 to 72 hours before a migraine.) I understand that this is very common.

Apparently, this is true for migraine-prone non-vampires as well as vampires. In response to Darknysse's alt.vampyres post, BJ Kuehl ( wrote the following:

Another common sign of an impending migraine is heightened sensitivity to sounds and to smells and a feeling of what I have heard described as 'openness', referring to a heightened awareness in their sensitivity to their environment. In fact, the pre-migraine state, often called the 'aura', is very similar to what some epileptics experience prior to a seizure.

This is interesting because such heightened sensitivities seem to be characteristic of real-life vampires generally. What connection there may be, if any, between the vampires' migraines and their overall sensitivity remains to be seen.

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