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Miscellaneous possibly-relevant diseases

Last updated 10/24/98.

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On April 10, 1998, Sojourner ( posted the following on Sanguinarius's message board, "Subject: actually..." -- regarding psychic vampires:

everyone needs to absorb energy - it's when something is wrong and they can't that imbalances (&disease) occurs. People who , for example, are poorly grounded and have a difficult time tapping earth energy with their feet usually have something wrong with their legs (knee & joint problems, allergies & infections of the feet and legs, etc..)

the difference between your average joe and your average vamp is the greater amount of energies the latter needs. the vamps talent for manipulating or sensing energy is, i suspect, a compensation for the prescence of energy leaks in their bodies. These would show up physically as spinal or back problems, knee /joint/feet problems..etc, these problems spots are actually losing energy like leaky pipes. when these are corrected, vamp metabolism grows more efficient as in my case - the disappearance of my scoliosis condition, plus numerous (&sometimes painful) manipulations of my legs and feet by my healer has resulted in longer and larger storage of vital forces. This, btw , is true for everyone - it's just that the changes are so great in the case of vamps. if you saw me now and compared me to what i looked like 5 or so years ago, you might mistake me for a different person :) my height has shot from 5'7" to nearly 5'11" and my weight increased from 140lbs to 165 lbs. My skin (which was starting to have a grey tint - an warning of an impending health breakdown - turned quite a few shades lighter. The way i walk has changed, my personality too has changed quite a bit from what Vyrdolak would call my "unevolved vamp" stage. I've now switched to a (mostly) vegetarian diet to give my digestive system an easier time (this part of my body is still being fixed). All these changes occur once the body shifts from one state to another, and not necessarily by healer intervention. Just look at somebody who chucks a much hated job and lands one nearer to his/her heart. These people virtually start "glowing" and their health improves (less headaches,ulcers etc..)

This very long ramble just means to illustrate that the physical and energy part of a human/vamp body are tightly integrated..touch or change one and the other transforms too.

In SonjaBlue's essay Theories and Beliefs About Vampires, the Universe, and Everything on her site La Page de L'Ange Noire, she states that a lot of vamps have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I'm not sure where this idea comes from. However, here is some information about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

On January 21, 1998, White Spirit ( posted the following in alt.vampyres, "Subject: Re: To BJ: celiac disease" -- apparently intended to be sarcastic, but raises some relevant points to keep in mind when considering "vampire-like" diseases:

Does this include drug addiction? Think of the symptoms... You only come out at night, daylight is painful to the eyes, other people seem unduly threatening, you're re-born anew each time you "feed", you're given fresh insights into life, your eyes turn red, your skin turns pale, you don't have to work, people instinctively fear you, loonies come looking to injure you with wooden sticks, you can no longer have contact with family and friends, you're forced to leave behind your previous life etc etc.

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