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Real-life vampirism message boards

[Note: Links last checked and updated on: 28 April, 2005. Sites with an (x) after them cannot be reached. -- Sanguinarius]

[Note:  For a current listing of all the message boards, please visit SphynxCat's Webboards List at SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page. -- Sanguinarius]

1. Major meeting places of the online vampiric community:

2. Message boards for blood-drinkers:

3. Message boards for energy-hungerers:

4. Miscellaneous forums founded in 1998:

5. Forums on some older sites pre-dating the vampiric community mainstream:

6. Message boards not focussed on vampirism, but owned by longtime members of the vampiric community:

7. Other lists of message boards:

Some information and advice regarding postings on message boards

1. Before posting a message of your own, spend a few hours reading other posts to get a feel for what kind of discussion is expected on a particular message board. The different MB's vary in style and focus. Also, read other documents on the site which hosts the board. In addition, if you are unfamiliar with the topic of real-life vampirism, read the articles on these sites first. Curious newcomers are welcome on most boards, but please don't post totally ignorant questions or comments.

2. Except on the Ad Posting Board at Vampire Classifieds, do not post personal ads of any kind on the message boards, which are intended for discussion, not ads. Personal ads are welcome at the following sites, among others: Click here for a listing of vampire personal ad sites.

3. It is especially not a good idea to post requests to be "turned" or "embraced." That is a good way to make yourself very unpopular very fast with the online vampire crowd. Click here for some explanations of why.

4. "(nmb)" means "no message body," i.e. the message consists of only a title line. Recommended practice for one-line messages.

5. In the event that several different message boards are all down at the same time, that's because most of them are on either or InsideTheWeb. It does not mean that the message boards no longer exist.

More advice will appear here as I myself learn more.

Comments? Please write to Amy Krieytaz, c/o Sanguinarius: Thank you.

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