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Nonpersonal energy sources

by Amy Krieytaz

Last updated 10/13/98. Copyright © 1998 by Amy Krieytaz. All rights reserved.

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In What is a Psychic Vampire? (x) on the remains of a pioneering Psychic Vampires (x) site, the former site owner wrote:

Several psyvamps I know only feed from animals. Others, feed from god, drawing his white light into themselves. And still others feed only from humans. Psyvamps can feed from any energy source.

If the idea of "feeding from God" sounds preposterous to you, think of "God" as just an energy current out there which some energy-hungerers are able to tap into. It is irrelevant whether this energy is connected with a cosmic intelligence, as most who draw on it believe. The former owner of the Psychic Vampires site neglected to mention that at least one acquaintance of his also feeds from "Satan," but be that as it may.... The point is, for at least some energy-hungerers, spiritual/occult/religious/magical practices can reduce or even eliminate one's need to feed from humans.

Other, more physical sources of energy include the Earth, plant life, and thunderstorms.

One can debate whether an energy-hungerer who doesn't feed primarily from humans can properly be called a "psychic vampire." That is why, on this site, I use the term "energy-hungerer" to refer to all people with a need to consume pranic energy, regardless of preferred source. The category "energy-hungerers" includes both psivamps and nonpersonal energy-hungerers and a continuous spectrum in between. As far as I can tell, the majority of energy-hungerers do need PEOPLE's energy, specifically (and thus do qualify as "psivamps"), but can also feed from nonpersonal sources to some extent. Offhand, I would guess that purely nonpersonal energy-hungerers are rare.

As far as I can tell so far, all energy-hungerers tend to have other characteristics in common besides just the need to consume pranic energy. For example, the nonpersonal energy hungerers I've encountered all have at least a mild attraction to the idea of drinking blood, as also do most of the online psivamps, though the NPEH's are less likely than psivamps to experience fits of outright "blood lust." (For my thoughts on the possible significance of this, see the sections titled Do they really need blood? and Blood-drinking and psychic vampirism in my Tentative conclusions page.) Also, I and other NPEH's have been identified as having a "vamp energy signature," albeit a nontypical one.

I personally know of at least two very powerful energy wielders who were originally psivamps (in the sense of needing energy from peeple, and one of them also used to experience outright physical "blood lust") but who gradually evolved into NPEH's. For one of them, the change occurred as a result of years of work by his healer/mentor, and he now feeds primarily from a cosmic "Source" that he envisions as an ocean. The other one feeds from what he calls "the Light," as of the last time I heard from him.

Note: I am not claiming that all psivamps can evolve into NPEH's. Nor do I wish to encourage an attitude that NPEH's are morally superior.

There are some NPEH's who never were psivamps. I don't believe that I myself was ever a full-fledged psivamp, though apparently I've acted unconsciously as a psivamp at times when I wasn't attracting to myself the specific kinds of nonpersonal energy that I do need. What I crave, primarily, is a nonpersonal "dark" energy. For more about me, see A brief history of my interest in vampirism.

Why do some energy hungerers need to feed from people while others don't? My hypothesis is that all energy hungerers are somehow deficient in their ability to produce their own life energy. The life energy of humans includes a broad spectrum of what I will refer to, possibly inaccurately, as different "frequencies" of pranic energy. By this term I mean merely that the different "frequencies" have their own distinct "look"/"feel," e.g. "light" vs. "dark" energies, and that these differences are something more fundamental than just the emotional "coloring" of the energies. (Note that by "light" vs. "dark" I do NOT mean "good" vs. "evil." I am referring only to how the energies themselves "look" and "feel.") Anyhow, my hypothesis is that NPEH's are deficient in no more than a few specific "frequencies" of energy, whereas psivamps need a larger spectrum.

At least some of the Catholic mystical saints, such as St. Theresa and St. John of the Cross, were probably NPEH's. A mystic isn't merely someone who is unusually devout. Mystics do not consider themselves to be unusually devout, and this is not false humility on their part. What distinguishes mystics from ordinary religious people is not piety but need. Mystics -- or at least the particular type of mystics I'm talking about here -- feel that they are "sustained" on a daily basis by their sense of the presence of God. A mystic of this kind needs to feel the presence of one's God, without which one goes through "the dark night of the soul." Ordinary religious people do not experience this. Ordinary religious people take the presence of God pretty much for granted (except that they may sometimes feel abandoned in times of trouble). I suspect that only psivamps and NPEH's have experienced "the dark night of the soul," a phrase used by St. John of the Cross to refer to what I believe is the state of being depleted and temporarily unable to feed consciously for whatever reason. Whoever came up with the theological idea that "hell is separation from God" was probably an energy-hungerer. Many of the earliest Christians were probably energy-hungerers; there are a lot of passages in the New Testament that don't make much sense otherwise.

In IRC chat, the former Psychic Vampires site owner has recommended standard ceremonial magick rituals, such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, as a good way to establish a connection that will allow you to begin feeding from "the Light," as well as a good basic psychic protection -- IF you happen to be a natural "Lightsider," which the majority of spiritually-inclined people are. One must practice the LBRP at least once or twice a day for at least three weeks or so to begin reaping these benefits. On the other hand, if you are a natural "Darksider," you very possibly do NOT need banishing rituals and may even find standard banishing rituals deleterious.

Nonpersonal energies can be accessed not only via magick rituals and mystical religion, but also via such practices as Kundalini Yoga and Reiki. Note: As far as I can tell, only a small minority of users of magick, Yoga, or Reiki are energy hungerers. Most practitioners do not need to consume the energies, other than to replenish energy expended in psychic work. An energy hungerer needs to consume pranic energy just to be able to function in everyday life.

For more about feeding from both human and nonhuman sources, see Psy-feeding by Cymbelina.

Under construction. To be continued.

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