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General info for psychic health

by Jack

The following was put together from a series of posts by Jack on the Psyvamp Information Exchange message board in October 1998. -- A.K.


I'm going to be posting some simple but effective rituals and exercises that can keep you psychically healthy. Most people who travel down spiritual paths learn variations of these to deal with their growing psychic abilies. But most of us have our abilities naturally, so we don't learn the neccesary psychic hygene to accompany them. If anyone can add to this, please do (*ahem* hint hint soj and zen :).


This is by far the most effective way to deal with most attacks, probing, mindstalking, etc. as well as overloading of psychic senses and that disconnected feeling when you get dislodged from your body (anyone who's experienced this, or it's extreme counterpart, spontaneous astral projection, knows what i'm talking about).

Method 1:

Sit down on the floor with your legs crossed. If you have to sit in a chair, make sure your feet are flat on the ground. Imagine a silvery cord or rope running down from your feet or sacrum (base of your spine) towards the center of the earth. See it wrap around the core of the earth, or a large boulder deep beneath the suface, and feel it pull you down and hold you there. When you feel better, or if you have to move, retract it and pull it back in you.

Method 2:

Do the same as before, only instead of a rope imagine roots. Imagine them growing down and branching out all the time pulling you with them. If you want, you can draw energy up from these roots (see chakra opening).

Method 3:

(This is harder to explain, but actually easier to do as it takes no visualization. This method will also hide you, making you hard for people to notice you, and in a sense almost invisible.)

Try to feel your aura. If you can't, then imagine a whirlwind around you, coming from you. Pull this in, as if you are a vacuum, into a point either at your solar plexus or just below your navel. Imagine a complete vacuum being left behind around you.

Opening chakras and freeing blockages

To start off, you have 7 major chakras. There are actually hundreds, but only 7 that are of importance here. Chakras are a kind of spiritual organs that bridge the gap between the physical and astrall. They work like powerstations for your body. They are located at the base of the spine (sacrum), about 2 inches below the naval, at the solar plexus, at the chest, throat, in the middle of your forehead, and covering the top of your head.

To open one, feel inside yourself at the particular chakra, and break it open like you would a roll. You don't have to move your physical hands, or visualize hands, just "feel" it. It's easier than it sounds if you just try it :) (For more about this technique, see Basic Energy Work in Robert Bruce's Treatise on Projection on SpiritWeb. -- A.K.)

To open blockages, sit or lie on your back. Don't cross your legs or hands. This is best done after the first two methods of grounding. Use the same feeling technique to pull energy up from your feet. Pull it into the first chakra and open it. Then continue pulling the energy to the second and open it, etc. until all are open. Make sure you let the energy flow from the top of your head back down into the ground. An alternative, if you feel close to and more comfortable with nature, is to do the second method of grounding. Then let the roots grow upward into your body, stopping at each chakra and opening a flower.

Spinal blockages

Even though we can get blockages anywhere, the most common, and painful, are in the spine, since that is the major channel of energy. The best way to work through them and prevent them is with exercises that stretch and strengthen the spine. Yoga is the best, since it is specially designed around the energy flow of our body. For more information on that click here.

Another way to give instant (though temporary) relief is to flush your spine out. This works on the same priciple as flushing out a radiator of a car, you fill it with pure energy (well if it was a car you would use water, but i'm talking about your spine :) and the gunk is pushed out the top. (If you do this to someone else, do it after cleansing their aura. Place your projective hand [right for right handed people, left for left handed people:] near the base of their spine and the other hand over their head. Like the cleansing, this also can be done at a distance through visualization. Always get their permission first tho, because if they resist you, which they probably will if they aren't expecting it, it will be very painful.) Use the same pure light as the cleansing, and draw it up your (or the person's your doing this to) spine, pulling all the gunk out the top. The more blocked a person is, the longer this will take. Once the light has flushed the entire spine, stop! Always ground the gunk you pull out. (See aura cleaning, below.)

Aura cleansing

The esiest way (though not complete in itself) is to clean it physically. Take a feather, burning stick of incense, or smudge stick and pass it through yours, or the person you are cleansing. Imagine pulling all the gunk out while you do. This also can be done while taking a shower, imagining the water to be pulling all negativity away and down the drain. Allways fill in the holes you make by pulling the gunk out with pure* light. And anything you pull out, ground. Either by placing your hands flat on the ground and leting it take it, or (prfered) imagining stuffing it in a jar, sealing it with black wax, and droping it in a hole in the ground which closes afterwards. BTW, all this can be done to someone at a distance (like over the internet) with visualization if they agree.

The better way, though, is to cleanse it yourself with pure* light. This is best done standing, with your feet slightly apart, and your hands relaxed at your sides. If you have any blockages, clear them first. Slow your breathing to the count of 4:2:4:2 (inhale for the count of four, hold it for the count ot two, exhale for the count of four, and hold it for the count of two), or a similar rythem. Now pull the light up from the ground on your left side as you inhale. Imagine it going up the side of your body and collecting at a sphere just above your head, which gets brighter as you hold your breath. Now let it go down your right while you exhale, and again collecting at a sphere around your feet. Do this cycle at least 7 times, varying as you do, letting the light expand out until it circles you, and pull in until it is going up and down the sides of your spine. Do the same thing pulling it up your back and down your front at least 7 times. Now pull the light up through your body, as if forming a column, and exploding around you. As it travels through your aura, imagine it pulling all the gunk out of it and into the ground. Always keep the slow rythmic breath, and remember to pull the energy inhaling, and let it go exhaling.

If you are doing this in public (which is a good idea if are in an area with a lot of gunk, or if you feed from someone who gives you a nasty feeling) and don't want to look conspicuous, or if you are pressed for time, you can omit the rest and just do the last part. This can literally be done anywhere, even while walking with enough practice, and no one has to know *grin*. I would suggest doing this at least once a day, and doing a full cleansing (with the physical and the entire "light" cleansing) once a month, or once a week if you tend to attract attacks, lots of negative shit, or nasty asrall criters.

*I use pure here, instead of the traditional white, because some people have told me that they don't harmonize well with "light" energy. If you prefer, use black, or grey. But whatever you use, make sure you know it is clean and pure of any associations (i.e. if you equate black with evil, don't use black, etc.). I use white, because to me it means clean, in the same way a white canvas is clean. You can even use clear energy, but that is a bit hard to visualize *grin*

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